Interesting hoard coin sent for provisional ID: Mark Replied:
I suspect this may be a relatively late (c. 90 BC) and common Republican denarius – or at least copied from one – like this:

Several of the earlier emperors had extensive “restitution” coinages in which they emulated the coins of earlier times – Titus and Trajan were both responsible for major series of restitution coinage.
When you have this denarius a bit cleaner, I may be able to tell if it’s original or a restitution issue.  I can’t quite tell if I’m seeing a legend on the obverse – and of course, if there is a legend, then it would have to be one of the later re-issues.

Or, if we discover an emperor’s name or titles on the coin and it isn’t one of those who deliberately and consiously copied older types, it might be a denarius by someone who just wanted to put a Pegasos on his coinage – the portrait (such of it as can be seen under the encrustatioin) looks like it might be Septimius Severus and although I’m not certain, offhand, whether Severus had a Pegasos reverse, it’s possible – he struck a multitude of different types of denarii. Mark