Cannot cook to clean it until it has been disclaimed by museum
Sent for ID: Mark replied:
I can’t be 100% certain, but I’d be very surprised if it didn’t turn out to be Trajan – one of his SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI denarii with a standing deity or personification. The portrait, I thought at first, looked a little more like Hadrian, but given the absence of useful legend on the obverse and the obvious encrustation lumps I’m going by the shape of the back of his head – and the legend on the reverse.
Cleaner, this could probably be dated to within a couple of years, but that’s the manufacture. It seems like 107-113 is the range for this reverse legend issue. But, of course, it could have taken its time getting buried in Britannia. The hoard is better datable by the latest rather than the earliest coin. Mark