Cleaned up stunning BC Roman silver coin sent for ID

As it turns out, there are very few trigas (3-horse hitch) on Roman coins of any type – only a few among the Republicans which run heavily to quads- and bi-gas. It’s C. Naevius Balbus, 79 B.C.
This is specifically the only type of serrate denarius with a triga reverse.

Also, the “SC” on the obverse is quite unusual as well, indicating that the silver for the issue was approved – probably as a huge emergency issue to raise and equip an army during the civil war disturbances at the time of Sulla’s dictatorship – by a specific act of the Senate. Not particularly early, and definitely not rare, but in the Republican silver series, it is a unique combination of all of these somewhat lesser-seen elements: serrate, triga, “SC”. The “CCV” on the reverse is a control mark and variable.