Smallest Celtic gold we have ever found

Continental Iron Age Gallo-Belgic DC uninscribed gold quarter state

This is a scarce variant of Gallo-Belgic D, the Face type, Scheers seies 14, my Gallo-Belgic Cd. On one side there’s a very worn ‘boat’ design and on the other a large, kidney shaped blob, also very worn, that looks like an outline face on other coins. In 2003 I suggested they were struck by eastern neighbours of the Ambiani, perhaps by the Viromandui; there were 13 known at the time, perhaps 20-25 now including several from Britain, although I don’t have the cards here. I’ll give it a number later with the next batch if that’s OK with you,

All the best


Weight: 1.23 g
Diameter: 8.82 mm