Early 70BC uninscribed ‘Q’ Gold – ‘Remi ‘Type Celtic gold qtr stater – sent to PAS for recording

The Remi were a Belgic people of north-eastern Gaul (Gallia Belgica). The Romans regarded them as a civitas, a major and influential polity of Gaul,The Remi occupied the northern Champagne plain, on the southern fringes of the Forest of Ardennes, between the rivers Mosa (Meuse) and Matrona (Marne), and along the river valleys of the Aisne and its tributaries the Aire and the Vesle.

Their capital was at Durocortum (Reims, France) the second largest oppidum of Gaul on the Vesle. Allied with the Germanic tribes of the east, they repeatedly engaged in warfare against the Parisii and the Senones.They were renowned for their horses and cavalry.

Weight: 1.35 g
Diameter: 13.74 mm