Sent for ID

I’m pretty sure now that the one with the clear “S” in the reverse field (brown patina and badly chipped) is the smaller, lighter one and a fairly scarce half-follis from Trier, c. 307.
It could be in the name of Galerius, Maximinus II, Constantine I, or either Diocletian or Maximian post abdication. I’m afraid the complete lack of obverse legend will limit my ability to fine-tune the ruler’s ID to this whole group, and will not be strictly able to be determined to be for any one of the possible rulers.
The reverse type (almost certainly) is GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, although, again, no legible reverse legend either. Genius of the Roman People standing left holding patera and cornucopiae – S – A in fields, [PTR in exergue]


Weight: 3.27 g
Diameter: 24.38 mm