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Sent to Mark for an ID:
My first reaction was to say Trajan from the shape of the head, but then looking at the face more closely, I begin to wonder if it’s not one of the Flavians – Vespasian or Titus particularly, or a younger portrait of Domitian. I believe that what we can see of the obverse legend from 2:00-4:00 reads …[P] M TR P – so that is not particluarly specific to any one ruler.  The Tribunician power was almost a guaranteed office of the emperor.  I could check to see which emperors used legends which ended in …P M TR P which will generally also have the rest of the laundry-list of Imperial titles continuing on the reverse.
I can’t quite make out what the figure is doing on the reverse and what, if any, attributes may be associated.  It might be either the Roman numeral II or part of a III or IIII we can see from 3:00-4:00 on the reverse and that would be likely to be the consular number – it was more normal for an emperor to have been consul a few times – very seldom did they hold this office more than 4 or 5 times – so that doesn’t do much to narrow-down the field.
Let me check the legend lists and see if I can narrow down the possibilities any by seeing who among them used an obverse legend ending in P M TRP.
Mark 2014 Oct